Saturday, December 15, 2012


Today an unthinkable tragedy happened in Connecticut. Twenty or so small children killed at the hands of a madman. For myself and most of the population this is an unthinkable act. I struggle to comprehend how any human could make such a terrible choice. To waste God's precious gift of life, to kill these innocent children is incomprehensible. I'm afraid of the world we live in here on earth anymore. I'm afraid for my family, afraid for my own children. I pray we are facing the end of this era of senseless violence but realistically i fear that it may be just the beginning. My heart goes out to all the families associated with this tragedy. I pray for them with all my heart. I may not be the greatest Christian walking the earth but on days like today I am especially thankful for my faith in God. I'm thankful that those innocent children are walking in paradise with Jesus and praying for their surviving family members to find comfort in any way they can. I can't imagine how I would respond if one of my children were ever involved in a situation like this and pray that I never find out. I feel that being a father is the greatest responsibility of my life and when events like today take place I feel an even bigger responsibility to my family. I am the best father I can be for my family today and I will try even harder tomorrow. One of the things that my wife and children know for a fact is that daddy loves each one of them with all my heart. I will never stop loving them. That's how I'll raise my kids forever, with all the love I can give them.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Small milestone

I bought Grady his first baseball mitt today and played catch with him all night. Sounds like fun, and it was.  He's already had one more mitt and one more night of playing catch with his dad than I ever had with mine.  I have so much fun with my boys and hearing them say I love you is more reward than I could ever ask for. Makes me wonder how some people are total losers at parenting.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

bus stop wierdos

i drove down w. market st the other day.  i noticed all the people waiting at the bus stops looked like someone's crazy uncle.  one lady was counting the coupons in her tupperware box or something.  does anyone normal take a bus anywhere or just wierdos?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

best youtube video i've ever seen

this is easily the best you tube video I've ever seen and the reason you should have respect for every soldier you meet. i could never leave my family for a year or more at a time and go to some God forsaken country to liberate them or free them or anything else them. I'm thankful that while i was in the national guard i never had to go anywhere. these guys are real soldiers and real heroes. seeing those little kids cry and hug their daddies like they would never let go of them again is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen and also one of the most sad. those guys shouldn't have to do what they've been doing anyways. Thank God for every American soldier that volunteers to make these huge sacrifices. I pray that all these guys come home safe tonight.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

I Am Lucky

When I was a child I experienced the love of my parent(s) and family, I took this love for granted as a youngster and never really thought about it at all. When I got a little older, I was lucky, and met a very special person, Melissa, and fell in love. I gained a new appreciation for what love is. I learned that love is powerful and life changing. I learned that I would do many things for love because I had appreciation for it and no longer took it for granted, I wanted to keep it.
A short time later, I was lucky again, we were blessed with a child and I found a new level of love. I honestly never knew my heart was capable of the depth of love I felt, and continue to feel, for my son Grady. Before he was born people warned me that loving a child is different than any emotion I had ever experienced. I paid little attentions to these statements and was completely caught off guard by the immediate and powerful love I had for him. I truly had never felt that way about anyone in my life. I am convinced that the love a parent has for his or her child is the strongest emotion we will ever know. Along with this new love for Grady the love and appreciation I have for my wife was also deepened by the birth of our son. Having Grady was the greatest accomplishment of our lives and the most meaningful experience we had ever shared together.
Now, I am lucky again. We have been blessed with another beautiful son, Harry David. While Melissa was pregnant with little Harry we experienced several common pregnancy emotions together; joy, anticipation, nervousness, etc but I felt a little guilt inside as well. I knew how much I loved Grady and questioned if I could love a second child as much. I was worried that I would have a favorite son. (I knew that a parent having a favorite son is possible from my experience with 3 older brothers. I am obviously the favorite son of my parents) I was truly worried. I had never experienced anything like my love for Grady before, could I possibly experience the same immediate, intense feelings twice in my life? The obvious answer to this is, of course, yes. The moment Harry was born I felt just like I did when Grady was born all over again.
Before Grady was born I was told I would be surprised how much my heart could love. Then, before Harry was born I was told not to worry because my heart would double in size if it had to in order to love that much again. I think my heart may have done that. I love my wife and both of my boys so much I could never describe it with words. I can't understand how some parents can choose drugs, alcohol or anything else over their own children or, equally as bad, do anything to physically harm their own children. I pray that nothing bad ever happens to any of my family and may God have mercy on anyone that hurts any of them because I surely will not. God has truly given us a great power to love one another and I hope everyone gets to experience it on the levels I have with my own family.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

truth is

if you think you have a friend that can "fart on command" the truth is that person just farts a lot and sometimes it works out that its "on command"

Monday, February 15, 2010

my boy,

tonight i was rocking Grady before putting him in his crib for bed. he was looking around and rubbing his little eyes and grabbing my fingers and stuff. pretty much a normal nightly routine for us. this is one of my favorite times of day with Grady, just about 5 minutes of quiet time alone with him in my lap. its so peaceful. tonight i was thinking about what a total miracle he is and a real blessing from God. i am so thankful for my son and even more thankful that he is so healthy and happy all the time. i'm just amazed that he's 17 months old and has just been a perfect boy health wise. i don't know what made me think of it really just being thinking i guess.